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Rancho Victoria Weddings | The Perfect Vineyard Venue For You

An Introduction to Rancho Victoria Weddings

This blog contains everything you need to know about Rancho Victoria Weddings, a popular wedding venue located in the charming town of Plymouth, California. Nestled on a golden hilltop and surrounded by picturesque vineyards, Rancho Victoria offers a stunning setting for couples to tie the knot. With its gorgeous outdoor spaces, and experienced staff, this venue has become a top choice for couples seeking a romantic and memorable wedding celebration. Whether you’re considering hosting your wedding at Rancho Victoria or simply want to learn more about this beautiful venue, we’ve gathered some of the most frequently asked questions to help you plan your special day!

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 A Q&A With The Owners Of The Venue

Tell us about you!

Our family purchased property adjacent to the wedding venue 5 years ago. We have always loved the venue and dreamed about building one of our own. When Rancho Victoria listed the wedding venue along with 46 acres for sale (18 of those acres are vines), we knew it was meant to be.


Tell us about your Rancho Victoria Vineyard Weddings. Describe how it looks and feels as if the reader has never visited before. 

When you enter through our main gates, first, take a deep breath. Fresh air and peaceful bliss awaits. Roll the windows down for your drive through the vineyard to our private estate. This space is set perfectly away from main roads, and other wine tasting guests. Your wedding day, special event, or getaway to the foothills, is truly yours. From a blank outdoor canvas, to rolling hills of vines, this property flows from ceremony, to cocktail hour, to reception. Experience gold country in a way not many get to. Have a wine country wedding all to yourselves. One of our favorite things about the property is that wave of peace that comes with your arrival. Shutting the car door, and enjoying the sunshine, and taking it all in. It’s hard to describe in words, but we hope you come out to visit and explore with us!

rancho victoria weddings has beautiful sweeping views

Can you give us an overview of what is included when a couple decides to book at your venue?

Our Venue is booked for a 12-hour period 11:00am to 11:00pm that can range from $5000-$8000 (depending on day of the week and time of year) our venue can accommodate up to 300 guests. We have a beautiful Bridal cottage and a new groom’s room as well. The flow of the day takes you from the bridal cottage, to our arbor and terrace for a beautiful ceremony, to the large reception patio. Also included are two bar locations, market lighting around every area, guest bathrooms and a spacious parking lot. We have an adjacent secluded pad with water, lighting, and electricity for your catering vendors to use.  

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What is unique about what your venue offers wedding couples? 

Rancho Victoria Weddings provides a private estate experience, with flexibility to your needs and wants. Make it a weekend, a week, or still a wonderful amount of time at our venue for day-of events. We have a beer and wine license only, no hard alcohol permitted. However, we do not require specific wine or vendors to be used. That can be of your choice as well! (We do have a preferred vendors list for you to have once booking, in case you are still in the market). One more thing! We have tables and chairs for rent, if that is an option you would like. 


What do you want couples to know about holding their wedding at Rancho Victoria Weddings?

We are a family run company, happy to share our beautiful piece of the Sierra Foothills with you. We strive from the start to showcase what your day could be like. Making ourselves available for meeting with vendors personally, and present for every wedding, all to ensure a smooth process! Always excited to host, provide any information needed, a helping hand, and have a wonderful and safe evening. 


If you could give any advice to couples looking for a wedding venue, what would you say?

There are many beautiful venues, find the one that fits your vision and will allow you to make your beautiful day personalized to the two of you! Ask all the questions when doing site visits. Communication about what you’re looking for throughout the whole process is definitely key. 

What overall advice do you have for couples planning their wedding and beyond into marriage?

Life can get crazy. Planning a wedding can be stressful! Don’t forget that this day is about celebrating your love and commitment to one another. Ask for all the angles, all the pictures with family and friends. Take it all in, because the moment is spectacular, and goes by fast! Into married life beyond the wedding… Reflect on this day often. It can be incredibly grounding when times get tough, or a lovely reminder of where you started! 

Sample of sunset photo taken at rancho victoria weddings

Photo Provided By Rancho Victoria Weddings

Are there any other special things about you or your business  that we missed that you’d love to share?

We do offer beautiful and unique hilltop sunset photoshoot packages on our ranch next door. It’s a very special moment to get away from the celebration, just you two, your photographer and a tour guide! 

rancho victoria weddings sunset photo with bride and groom walking on the hilltops bride and groom dancing at their recpetion sunset photos at rancho victoria weddings with bride and groom groom kissing his new wife after the wedding ceremony at rancho victoria weddings Night time shot of bride and groom holding hands and walking down hill at rancho victoria weddings with the moon and stars in the background

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